Leadership + Aspire Scholarship Programs

Our scholarships are customized to create individual experiences that help you learn and grow through outdoor education.

We have two types of scholarships:

Leadership Scholarships

Advanced in-person courses

Gear discounts

Chapter Coordinator Amplification

Aspire Scholarships

Online educational content

Entry-level in-person courses

Gear scholarships

because everyone should have the opportunity to experience education in the outdoors.

Our Aspire Scholarships are entry-level scholarships that facilitate introductionary experiences to explore the beauty Canada has to offer. These experiences include online educational content, in-person courses, and gear scholarships.

Our Leadership Scholarships walk through the outdoor educational journey with our scholars to help incredible people achieve leadership status in the outdoor industry. These scholarships include advanced in-person courses and certifications, gear discounts and assistance in overcoming biases within the outdoor industry.

Linked below is our application process for both Aspire and Leadership Scholarships. These applications are open year round. Our important dates are listed below.

Click here for more information on application procedures and our scholarship policies.

Scholarship Application Tips


Our scholarships are offered as our funding is available. Scholarship reach may be limited based on donations in that calendar year. During your application process request as many scholarships as you’re interested in to take to ensure your best chance at receiving a scholarships during our allocation process.

Mission Committed

Our mission is to expand the face of leadership in the outdoor industry. Be sure to include how your unique upbringing, background, experiences or goals will help widen the lens of leadership in the outdoors. We encourage you to get into as much depth as possible when sharing your goals and how you align with our mission.


Our scholarship program doesn’t just talk the talk, it walks the walk. The impact of our scholarships will be carefully tracked and reported on year after year. If you are a recipient of a scholarship from our program please anticipate follow up interviews, goal tracking, and possible collaboration in the future!

Detail Oriented

Scholarship applicant’s success rates improve when scholarship applications are in depth, and detail oriented. We are not looking for perfect spelling, nor will we critique your application through a colonial education-based lens. However we are interested in your story, your background, and your WHY. We encourage you to go into as much detail around your why and your goals as possible.

Important Dates

March 8

Keep an eye out for our celebratory events happening across Canada! Information regarding our scholarships will be shared at these events!

March 31

Scholarship applications submitted before this date will be considered for this year’s round of distribution. If your scholarship application was not accepted, it will remain in our application pool for future consideration.

April 30

Scholarships will be chosen by April 30 internally, and announced at our AGM. Everyone is welcome to join our AGM.

RSVP for our AGM each year by clicking here.

May 19

Scholarships awarded will be announced at the AGM on May 19th. We will be hosting this AGM in person and online. RSVP here to join our AGM online.

Scholars will receive one-on-one communication from our Scholarship Department regarding the delivery of your scholarship.