Our Team

Kieren Britton


Kieren loves to dream of the ridiculous and make it a reality. Whether it’s cycling across Canada or converting a school bus into a full-time home, there is nothing Kieren enjoy’s more than testing the limits and learning more about herself!

As a mixed-race person of colour, Kieren’s lens focuses heavily on equity in the outdoors. With her first backcountry tenting experience as young as 6 weeks old, Kieren has had the unique experience of growing up watching how outdoor retailers, magazines and leaders had treated or represented her mother in comparison to her father. This created a lifelong yearning to create balance and equity in the outdoor industry.

Growing up in the outdoors has crafted Kieren into who she is today. After a personal deep-dive into her unique privilege of being white-passing, cis-gendered, and temporarily able-bodied growing up in the outdoors, Kieren‘s passions grew into increasing the inclusivity of the outdoors while protecting the spaces we love most.

You can find Kieren working alongside many of our friends, such as POW Canada,  brand partners, through speaking and consulting contracts, and hosting workshops with Summit Within!

s7é7nswe (Jill) Patrick

Grants Director - She / Her

Jill (N’Quatqua-St́at́yemc and Chinese) is a storyteller and wannabe matriarch from the rez.

Jill self-proclaims that she is at the “Fool” stage of the cycle, trying new things and falling in love with most of them. This year alone she has added trail runner, backpacker, skateboarder, snowboarder, and weightlifter to her list of hobbies. She credits her newfound sense of adventure to her antidepressants.

Megan Munley

Marketing Manager - She / Her

Megan is passionate about using social media to foster community. Always searching for her next adventure, she loves to hike, bike, climb, ski…basically anything that gets her outside and moving. She loves exploring nature with her 4 year old pup, Piper.

Director of Education - She / Her

Kristine O'Rielly

Born and raised in the small fishing village of St. Brendan’s, an island off the east coast of Newfoundland, Kristine attributes her rural upbringing for her love of nature. Kristine has been living in Calgary for the past 7 years and can be found regularly hiking, skiing and backpacking in the Canadian Rockies. She is an apprentice hiking guide with the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides and is working toward a full hiking guide certification.

Kristine holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and a master’s in applied sustainability. She has a background in project management, stakeholder engagement and grant/proposal writing.

Kristine served as the Access & Environment Chair for the Alpine Club of Canada – Calgary Section from 2016-2019. Kristine believes in the L.A. Foundation’s mission of making the backcountry more accessible and inclusive and hopes that she can help advance that goal as the L. A. Foundation’s first Scholarships Director.

Director of Fundraising - She / They

Christina Radvak

As a settler in North Vancouver, BC, Christina comes from a diverse background as a Mexican Canadian. Christina spends her free time climbing, skiing, trail running and camping and knows the importance of creating more diversity and accessibility in our outdoor communities.
Christina has been a climbing and skiing mentor with Mountain Mentors for four years. In her professional life she advocate for change through her career that has been focused on nonprofits that change the industry from the inside out. As Fundraising Director, Christina has the opportunity to create partnerships within the outdoor communities for more fulfilling and meaningful impact.

Our Guidance

Diversity Consultant

Amil Reddy

They / Them

Amil became a mentor of the L. A. Foundation in 2019 and has been a guiding light ever since.

Since 2008, Amil has been working alongside communities and companies across North America to do better by being better.

They do this by creating organizational change through a diversity, equity and inclusion lens. They will help you sharpen your existing strengths and uncover hidden opportunities within your leadership and staff teams. All of the work Amil does is rooted by their intersectional experience as a trans person of colour and parent/teller of dad jokes. They love travel, a good Americano, and heading to the forest with their kiddo and pup Peanut.

Technical Strategy + Support

Nate Kay

He / Him

Nate is the L. A. Foundation's technical strategy mentor and technical support rockstar. Nate has been a supporter of the L. A. Foundation since 2020, and has built us this beautiful website to help share our vision. Thank you Nate!