Welcome to The Lady Alliance

Uniting mental health and adventure to bring confidence and community to women⁺ around North America.

The Lady Alliance would like to acknowledge with respect that our headquarters are located on the unceded territories of the Lək̓ʷəŋən People, known today as the Esquimalt and Songhees Nations. We thank them for having cared for this land, continually caring for this land, and having us as a guest within their traditional, ancestral, and unceded territory.
This acknowledgment is a reminder of the discriminatory, racist, and colonial practices that have created a lasting legacy, and continue to create barriers for Indigenous peoples and communities in North America. Allyship is a verb; we encourage you to click above and learn the Lək̓ʷəŋən People’s incredible history + current culture.

Where it all began.

After being told too many times that she was “brave for a girl”, Kieren Britton, founder of The Lady Alliance, had had enough. We have this bravery in all of us, it’s not restricted by gender. Kieren was determined to bring this to light.

The Lady Alliance started as an online social community where women had the chance to share their story. Whether it was a photo or adventure article, ladies could submit their adventures and speak through The Lady Alliance.

As the community grew, so did the demand for a chance to meet everyone in person. The Lady Alliance’s first all women meet up was held in September 2017 at the A O Wheeler Hut in Glacier National Park.

This meet up was titled the “First Annual Long Weekend Meet Up” as there was no original intention of becoming an adventure traveling community. We had no idea how excited this community was to meet in person. It reached capacity in only a matter of weeks and was full of inspiring women from all over the globe.

After our first trip, The Lady Alliance grew to include other adventures, retreats, and courses. We have yoga’d in Bali, surfed in Tofino, learned avalanche safety, and so much more. In March of 2018 Mountain Equipment Coop (MEC) partnered with The Lady Alliance to help extend our reach to empower women of all ages and backgrounds, including local chapters thriving across Canada inspiring hundreds of each month through free local adventures.

New in 2022 The Lady Alliance shifted to The Lady Alliance Foundation. Our local chapters will continue to grow and provide free events for women+ across Canada, however now we have something extra special launching March 2022.

Our scholarship program is coming to life in March 2022 to help change the face of leadership in the backcountry. Your donations, course and apparel purchases and more now help us break down barriers to help make the outdoors an inclusive place.

The Lady Alliance Today

The Lady Alliance has morphed into a beautiful community providing opportunities for women⁺ to find empowerment through adventure and, of course, each other.

  • in-person events

  • WOMAN+ UP episodes

  • educational outdoor courses

  • empowering online courses

  • online apparel and swag shop

  • Adventure based retreats (coming back in 2023)

We're a Nonprofit...

Our goal is to help each individual who joins us gain confidence in
themselves, in their ability, AND help everyone meet incredible,
like-minded kindred spirits to help grow their communities.
Whether your adventure is to summit the next peak or to fall in
love with yourself again, we want to be there, every step of the


Additionally to all of our free events, courses and content, our
scholarships will help change the face of leadership in the
backcountry. As a nonprofit, we rely on fundraising and donations.
Your support helps The Lady Alliance provide free events and
programs for women+ across the country.
To do this, it takes $$$. Sometimes a lot of it. In order to create a retreat, an event, a conference or a tour, we need to put deposits down, have insurance, train and support staff, buy food, pre-pay activities… the list goes on!

Nonprofits Are:


With thousands of women+ attending our free events since 2016, our impact has been felt across the country. And with your help, we can reach even more aspiring

Mission Committed

Since 2016 our core mission has never changed. Our efforts in building confidence and community through adventure has now been amplified by your support.


Dedicated to our values of inclusivity, education, support and amplification The Lady Alliance Foundation aims to break down barriers and offer support and community through outdoor education.

Your support matters.

Here's where you come in.

By supporting a nonprofit, you are not only supporting their cause, but you are also supporting the individuals or groups they help as well. But most of all, you are showing the world that we SHOULD care about the world and people around us.

Have you attended a conference, empowerment tour, adventure, retreat, or event with us? Maybe you have purchased our online course, attended a virtual event, supported through a business subscription, or have hired one of our founders as a speaker?

You have made a difference. You have helped women gain confidence, and helped womenfind their community. 

Each of our events helps us continue to offer free local meet-ups and low costs events, bring on and train ambassadors to help them improve their local communities, treat you to giveaways, and more. 

So thank you! Thank you for joining us! Thank you for supporting us! And thank you for showing the world that where we put our support matters.

Our Team

FOUNDER - She / Her

Kieren loves to dream of the ridiculous and make it a reality. Whether it’s cycling across Canada or converting a school bus into a full time home, there is nothing Kieren enjoy’s more than testing the limits and learning more about herself!

Growing up in the outdoors has crafted Kieren into who she is today. Yet she still has hesitations, and self doubt. Kieren wanted to create a place where everyone could learn and grow together, demolishing self doubt while building a community.

Through The Lady Alliance Kieren has found healing and solace, friends and ‘framily’, and a love for life through adventure.

CEO - She / Her

Jessie’s passion for life is driven by adventure, the outdoors, and an abundance of coloured pens, highlighters and neon pink sticky notes. Don’t steal them though, she puts up a good fight.

Her drive to create a community of kindred spirits drew her into The Lady Alliance as a chapter coordinator in 2020, and her tenacity grew our Vancouver Island Chapter to over 350 members and 2 other coordinators within a year of operations.

Jessie’s easy breezy spirit mixed with her attention to detail as an organizational queen drew the attention of Kieren, and they have been a dynamic duo ever since. Jessie manages all of our chapter coordinators and local events, as well as the everyday nonprofit tasks.

When she’s not working her ass off (with her million incredible balls in the air) you can find Jessie leading fashion trends such as socks and sandals, conehead hoods and solid sunburn lines even though she’s coated on that SPF.

Diversity & Speaking Consultant

Azzah Ahmad

She / Her

Born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Azzah has dominated the outdoor diversity industry for the last 3 years.

Through her many speaking engagements with profile clients such as MEC, Arcteryx, and The Mountain Film Festival, Azzah focuses on topics such as diversifying the outdoors, female empowerment, inclusion, and self-love.


Taheera Fidaali

She / Her

Taheera is The Lady Alliance's financial mentor and CPA. Though Taheera is a contracted partner, she deserves all of the recognition in the world.
Diversity Consultant

Amil Reddy

They / Them

Since 2008, Amil has been working alongside communities and companies across North America to do better by being better.

They do this by creating organizational change through a diversity, equity and inclusion lens. They will help you sharpen your existing strengths and uncover hidden opportunities within your leadership and staff teams. All of the work Amil does is rooted by their intersectional experience as a trans person of colour and parent/teller of dad jokes. They love travel, a good Americano, and heading to the forest with their kiddo and pup Peanut.

Technical Strategy + Support

Nate Kay

He / Him

Taheera is The Lady Alliance's financial mentor and CPA. Though Taheera is a contracted partner, she deserves all of the recognition in the world.

Taheera has mentored The Lady Alliance into our 2020 growth in ways we could have never imagined. Her knowledge and expertise are so valued, and thanks to her guidance we have a goal of $10,000 donated to our nonprofit partnership in 2020!

Outside of her professional life, Taheera is a world traveller, a trained yoga teacher, a bookworm, a mother, and a wife.

Executive Assistant

Brenda EdelMuro

She / Her


Chanda Luombe

She / Her

Chanda at Elephant Tree Bookkeeping is an integral part of our team, helping us stay organized and on track with our goals. Chanda specializes in working with small growing businesses and startups and is a Quickbooks certified Proadvisor. Our relationship is built through trust and we would not be where we are today without her.

Chapter Coordinators

The excited, bubbly, inspirational bunch – these are our on the ground event coordinators. These ladies truly bring the magic!

These ladies are not guides, they are community-driven conversation starters, planners, and connectors that thrive on bringing our community together.

Interested in bringing The Lady Alliance to your hometown? Become a Chapter Coordinator or Moderator today!