ECO TOUR - Seattle Edition

Whether you're already passionate about saving our planet, looking for a fun and unique evening out with friends, or just curious about this whole "climate change" thing you keep hearing people mention- this event is a MUST for you.

Our evening is broken down into three activities. First we will have guest speaker Eylene Pirez join us to speak about climate change. Eylene was a physicist with NASA, and is currently a photographer with National Geographic, traveling the world to capture the impacts of Climate Change.

Then we will be enjoying a documentary on climate change, followed by a second hand crafts night for Halloween!

This is an evening full of valuable information and fun for the whole family.

Plus, a percentage of our profits go to Power To Be, a non-profit organization helping women - and everyone - break down barriers and get outside!

We believe that becoming and loving yourself is life's greatest adventure.

So whether your seeking personal growth or healing, lacing up your first pair of hiking shoes, or tackling your 100th summit, The Lady Alliance will be there to help you along the way.

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We are a non-exclusive collective of outdoor women looking to break down barriers and empower ladies to find their adventure.



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eco tour - seattle

Climate change talks, documentaries, and reuse crafts, all in one night. This is the perfect event for all nature lovers!

Come hear Eylene Pirez - former NASA physicist and current Nat Geo photographer address climate change, enjoy an in house documentary with snacks, and craft the night away with our tips and tricks to reusing those "one use" throwaways!

$15 USD


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What Others Say


The Lady Alliance; 10 stars if there was the option. This community and my experience on their First Annual Adventure to the A.O. Wheeler Hut in Glacier National Park, has left such a positive imprint in my life.

Kelsey Derkach 



I love that they bring women of all kinds together for fun, fitness and personal growth.  

Bri Gee
Community Member


Cannot wait to see what else the Lady Alliance is capable of, and where they venture to next!

You should definitely jump on this trail blazing train of ladies, you won't regret it!

Katie Schneider

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Kieren Britton

Kieren loves to dream of the ridiculous and make it a reality. Whether it's cycling across Canada or converting a school bus into a full time home, there is nothing Kieren enjoy's more than testing the limits and learning more about herself!

Growing up in the outdoors has crafted Kieren into who she is today. Yet she still has hesitations, and self doubt. Kieren wanted to create a place where everyone could learn and grow together, demolishing self doubt while building a community.

Through The Lady Alliance Kieren has found healing and solace, friends and 'framily', and a love for life through adventure. 

Alice Bromfield - Social Media

Alice is an avid explorer and fierce supporter of women empowering women and chasing their dreams. At the age of 20 she solo road-tripped the Western US States and at 22 she moved from her home in the UK to Vancouver, BC. She enjoys hiking, road-tripping, photography and swimming in freezing cold lakes.

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