We believe that becoming and loving yourself is life's greatest adventure.

During COVID we have launched a brand new podcast, a new apparel line, and digital events happening 7 days a week!

Scroll down for more information on each!

Thank you to our community for continually showing us love during this difficult time!

The Lady Alliance offers local evening, full day and weekend events helping you break down barriers, and get outside.

Whether your seeking personal growth or healing, lacing up your first pair of hiking shoes, interested in environmental initiatives, or tackling your 100th summit, The Lady Alliance will be there to help you along the way. 

*After extensive research and some soul searching, The Lady Alliance global team has made the tough (but necessary!) decision to *postpone *some of our events. 

Each of our Women’s Empowerment Tour locations will be postponed until May. 

We will update all ticket purchasers with all other events - but as of now, all other events are still being executed as planned. All events postponed will be refunded.*

Welcome to The Lady Alliance's SUMMIT WITHIN podcast!

In this episode, we discuss the importance of talking about mental health, self-judgment, mindfulness, quarantine, and more! Are you ready to conquer your summit within?

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All apparel proceeds stay within our community and are given away to those who need it most. This is our way of paying it forward. Thank you for your support!

We may take COVID 19 seriously.... but the toilet paper famine is fair game!

Proceeds from our LIMITED TIME ONLY - TOILET PAPER TEES will go to the Center of Disaster Philanthropy's COVID-19 Response Fund, helping support preparedness, containment, response and recovery activities for those affected.

These tees specifically help our first responders who are risking themselves - and their families - to combat this pandemic.

Coming Back Soon


Keep an eye out for a summer addition!

Coming your way soon!

Women's Empowerment Tour

Postponed until May!

Adventure Safety Tour

Look out for June dates, launching soon!

Our Most

Navigation Course

Are you ready to feel confident in the outdoors?

Jump this unique opportunity to learn from the best!

Learn how to orient a map, read the terrain around you and how to use a compass to navigate your route, while learning important tips and tricks how to be confident in the backcountry with or without a GPS!

Ladies! It is time to feel confident in your unbelievable capabilities!

Join our Navigation Course today!

Invermere - Canmore - Kelowna

($95 CAD)

A O Wheeler Mountain Retreat

Our most popular retreat is back this year for the third year in a row!

Join us at A O Wheeler hut for a long weekend retreat chalk full of hiking, yoga, and good times outside. 

Every difficulty level has been considered, so this retreat is the retreat for you! Whether you're a stroll-by-the-river kind of hiker, or you're after a ridgeline summit, the A O Wheeler is the perfect hut for you!

September 4 - 7
($299 CAD)

Mother - Child Safety

Okay moms - It's time to FEEL CONFIDENT in the outdoors with your little ones!

I mean, we have all been there - hiking, exploring, galavanting around in the woods. But then, we birthed these little mini-me's and became self-doubt machines, and suddenly... what do we pack? Did we remember our hats? Do we have enough bear spray? Is there such a thing as too much bear spray!?

This course is PERFECT for new or experienced moms, looking to build confidence in the outdoors and meet like minded adventure-moms! 

Invermere - Canmore

($25 CAD)

True inspiration came from when I discovered The Lady Alliance. A community of women, making badass things look so achievable and providing the most organic form of support for one another.” - Kelsey Derkach 

Help us reach our Fundraising goal!

This year we have partnered with the nonprofit Power To Be, helping ensure that everyone has the opportunity to get out into nature!

Join us on one of our tours to help us reach our goal of a $10,000 donation to Power To Be in 2020!

Let's reach $10,000!

What Others Say


The Lady Alliance; 10 stars if there was the option. This community and my experience on their First Annual Adventure to the A.O. Wheeler Hut in Glacier National Park, has left such a positive imprint in my life.

Kelsey Derkach 



I love that they bring women of all kinds together for fun, fitness and personal growth.  

Bri Gee
Community Member


Cannot wait to see what else the Lady Alliance is capable of, and where they venture to next!

You should definitely jump on this trail blazing train of ladies, you won't regret it!

Katie Schneider

Our Team

Kieren Britton

Kieren loves to dream of the ridiculous and make it a reality. Whether it's cycling across Canada or converting a school bus into a full time home, there is nothing Kieren enjoy's more than testing the limits and learning more about herself!

Growing up in the outdoors has crafted Kieren into who she is today. Yet she still has hesitations, and self doubt. Kieren wanted to create a place where everyone could learn and grow together, demolishing self doubt while building a community.

Through The Lady Alliance Kieren has found healing and solace, friends and 'framily', and a love for life through adventure. 

Brenda EdelMuro

Brenda has been in the Customer Service and Sales field for almost 16 years. She also has a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, but Brenda loves the Commercial and Marketing area. 

For the last 8 years she has been working as a Real Estate Agent in Mexico. Her hobby is playing tennis and she has won various tournaments. She is a Yoga and Belly Dance teacher and likes watching movies, riding bikes and running. Brenda is married (10 yrs) and loves her two dogs Chiwi and Frida.

Chapter Coordinators

An excited, bubbly, inspirational bunch - our Chapter Coordinators are the ladies on the ground helping host events. From free local events, to our tours and everything in between, these ladies bring the magic! 

Applications are now open - we would LOVE to have you join the team!

Taheera Fidaali

Taheera is The Lady Alliance's financial mentor and CPA. Though Taheera is a contracted partner, she deserves all of the recognition in the world. 

Taheera has mentored The Lady Alliance into our 2020 growth in ways we could have never imagined. Her knowledge and expertise are so valued, and thanks to her guidance we have a goal of $10,000 donated to our nonprofit partnership in 2020!

Outside of her professional life, Taheera is a world traveller, a trained yoga teacher, a bookworm, a mother, and a wife.

Callie Betz Pederson Editor

Callie is a writer, photographer, content creator, and outdoor enthusiast. Callie loves working with and being a part of The Lady Alliance being able to help women enjoy traveling and feel at home and empowered in the great outdoors.  

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