Ready to change lives!?

The Lady Alliance believes that we, as influencers, have an opportunity and responsibility to make a positive influence for our community.

Because of this belief, we are seeking influencers, bloggers and authors and therapists that share love, inspiration, and passion through their social media. 

If you are a guiding light for others in their time of need - we are looking for you! Through our online courses we are uniting change makers like yourself to help create our Empowerment Series!

Welcome to The Lady Alliance.

The Lady Alliance is working with influencers, like yourself, to create an online course series. Our goal is to inspire, empower, and motivate others to live their best life, and we know you would help us make a huge impact. 

Our Empowerment Series is a 5 course series: Body, Mind, Heart, Soul, Spirit. Each course will have multiple chapters, created by influencers, sharing your story and your personal life lessons.

Why we want to work with you.

We are looking for your experience, your genuine connection with your audience and your guidance to provide benefit to our collective communities.

There are lots of self-help courses out there, but you've got something unique to share. It's why your audience follows you. But you know there's so much more you can offer that simply won't fit in an Instagram caption. Practical advice, tips, steps... downloads even! You've sat in the trenches, battled through jungles and worked incredibly hard to get to the place you have today. And your story is sooo valuable.

We want this course to be a natural extension of the passion and impact you already have through Instagram so we can change the lives of women everywhere.

How this process works.

YOU get to choose how your chapter gets created...

Here are your steps:

1) Fill out the application below. Let us know a bit about your channels, and your reach. You also get to PICK YOUR TOPICS! Be sure to pick as many as possible as these are given as a first come first serve!

2) Once you fill out the application we will review your application. If this project fits for both parties, we will reach out to you with a contract. 

Please note: We reach out to potential course instructors based on size of audience. Payment is based on commission. We honour your time, and if we feel there may not be a sizeable return for your effort, we will hold off until your effort in creating your chapter can provide a return to you that is worth your incredible value. 

3) After the contract is signed and returned, you will be added to the team portfolio. You will be able to view our team goals, our marketing schedule, and more! 

Then you will submit your chapter to us based on the timeline given to you by our editor. 


We know you take content creation very seriously and invest time writing your captions. We want YOUR voice to shine through, so we will help you edit your chapter but you will be responsible for writing it. 

Because we want this course to be cohesive, we may tweak your lessons so they fit within the overall structure, but you'll approve any changes first and we won't send the course live until you're 100% happy with your chapter. Sound good?

We take the hardest part off your plate. Amazing, right?

Rather than working with tricky course software that requires you to sit at a laptop for a weeks on end, our development team will manage page layout, proof-reading, website design, membership signup and tech support! So all of THAT is off your plate. Yay!

So, what does all this mean for YOU?

Minimal time, maximum impact.

The best part? Besides helping change people's lives, this course will be a recurring income source for you. We make it, you promote it, everyone wins.

This is YOUR story (and always will be)

Each chapter will be formatted to fit our course, but you will be recognized in full as the author of your chapter. Some chapters will involve videos, photos, and personal stories, tying this subject and your teachings directly to you. 

Your social pages will also receive recognition within this course, meaning that all influencers involved in this course can grow together, sharing knowledge, and promoting empowerment across a collective community!

We do not launch until you are 100% happy with your chapter.

You can be as active a participant in the course design as you'd like (or you can let us do it all). All you have to do is promote it to your audience and see the income start rolling in.

Okay, let's get down to business. Here's what you could earn...

By partnering on this course with The Lady Alliance you will make 50% of each sale you bring in! 

We have a couple of tools that can predict initial opt-ins, conversion rates and profits based on your follower count and engagement rate. These numbers are rough estimates and are based on a number of variables, so you should discuss specifics with your Lady Alliance representative.

Profit example:

Say Influencer @[name] has provided us one chapter in our Mind course, and has 80K followers and a 6% engagement rate (translates to an average of 5K likes per post and 7K views per story.)

Based on a super conservative conversion rate of less than 0.5% of engaged followers, Influencer @[name] would expect to sell 400 courses per campaign. A campaign is each time you send an email automation, share a series of stories or a sequence of posts. Usually campaigns span about 10 days, which is the optimal amount of time to create recency and scarcity.

With the course price at $39 USD, @[name] would make $7,800USD per campaign. For only a few hours of work!

And that is based on a very conservative conversion rate of 0.5% of her following.

What if I want to convert more than 0.05% of my audience?

You can definitely convert more! Some influencers see conversion rates around 1% of their total audience for online education products, and there's no reason why you can't too. In order to convert 1% of your audience, you may have to pay for Instagram/Facebook ads to increase your reach. A 1% conversion rate would earn @[name] more like $15,600. (80K x 1% x $39USD x 50% = $15,600USD).

Sales scenario - 80K followers

Sales x price x commission

Your earnings

Conversion Rate: 0.5%

400 @ $39 x 50%

$7,840 USD

Conversion Rate: 1%

800 @ $39 x 50%

$15,600 USD

What if I want to support my local charity?

Your earnings are exactly that, YOURS. If you convert 0.5% of your audience and bring in $7,840 USD (as per the conversion table above), and you want to donate 10%, 30%, 50% or 100% of those earnings to your favourite charity, by all means, please do!  We will also add your contribution to your course introduction to help bring recognition to your cause!

What we cover...

Written copy or proof reading

Design +

Marketing + sales strategy

Enrolment signups

Influencer collaboration

Feedback management

Audio +


What you cover...

Share your story, tips and experience

Wait while we build the rest of the course

Promote the course to your audience

 Watch the sales roll in & lives are changed

 Grow your page with other amazing influencers

The bottom line?

People want to learn, and they want to learn off you.
They will buy this course you've contributed to because there's already an established level of trust.

It's simple. Creating and selling an online course is one of the best business decisions you can make towards making a more consistent income from social media.

Here's the next step...


Choose your topic below and start dreaming up the chapter you'd like to contribute...

Submit your application to be a part of this course! This will take a few minutes of your time, and it will allow you to choose your topic for your chapter! 

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Once submitted, our team will reach out to you regarding your application. We may request a simple validation process so you can quickly calculate the success of your sales.

We are currently building our Heart Course. If you have selected a topic in our Body, Spirit or Soul chapter, we will be reaching out to you soon. 

Chapter selections are on a first come, first serve basis.

We hope to work with you on this course! 

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