Tours and Global Events

Tours and Lady Alliance Global events are planned between the Lady Alliance and our clients. Our clients are usually product or brands that want to partner with us to host an event in their image. We sit down with these clients to create an event that amplifies their values to our local community.

It is important to us to ensure that these events honour the partnership between said client and The Lady Alliance, and showcases the support the client has to our global team. When we are hosting these events we not only represent The Lady Alliance, but we also represent the client as well. 

These tours is how we fund our community. Behind the scenes we are paying for insurance, web hosting, and a whole bunch of administrative costs. We would not be able to do so without the help of our clients. 

Let's go through some do's and don'ts when helping with these events:


  • Describe the client as a supporter, partner or friend of The Lady Alliance
  • Showcase the client's efforts in the event category (ie. environmental stewardship or women's empowerment)
  • Thank the client for partnering with us to be able to offer an exciting event


  • Say the registration fee goes to the client - it never will.
  • Say that we need to pay for the venue space - in all cases we do not need to pay for the venue space, our client covers the venue costs
  • Promise items from the client for the event without their confirmation
  • Wear other logos to the event
  • Don't promote competitors during the event