Host a digital series or event with The Lady Alliance's virtual community.

Excitement, inspiration, education, connection... all of which would be enjoyed in the homes of thousands through YOUR Lady Alliance event!

The Lady Alliance aims to unite mental health and adventure, while connecting our community to your brand. 

Together, we can inspire change - with a digital series or event that is a perfect fit for you.

Let's dive in...

What is a digital event or event series?

Digitally, The Lady Alliance is home to 28 local chapter groups, and one global chapter group on Facebook. With over 12,000 members, The Lady Alliance is a digital community growing every single day. 

Our Instagram community hosts over 37,000 community members, giving us a beautiful platform to advertise our digital events and tours hosted on Facebook. 

During this time of uncertainty, The Lady Alliance can still bring our community to you. This time through the execution of digital events. 

A digital event is an event that is hosted on one, a few, or all of our local chapter Facebook groups. 

Our goal with each of our events is to amplify your mission and values, while also widening the reach of your audience to help bring our community to you. Together we would dissect your company values and mission, and discuss the event type, goals, and method of execution for your customized event. 

The Lady Alliance would take charge of filming, editing, and producing this digital event, and prepare marketing materials for the campaign counting down the release.

Then together, we would release your event in your local chapter, or an event series in multiple chapters across North America. 

Why did we switch to tours and event series?

Frankly, the market was becoming saturated. With so many incredible women's communities offering adventures, we felt as though there had to be an easier, educationally focused way to bring brands and new adventurers together. All while lowering the entry cost for new community members as much as possible and benefiting each brand by tying their values to the community. 

In March 2019 The Lady Alliance morphed from a travel and adventure community into a engaging empowerment community. Our goal is to provide encouragement and education for women to help them find confidence and community through adventure and, of course, each other. 

Moving away from our individual adventures, The Lady Alliance began to reach even more women with these tours, providing women (and everyone!) low cost events that connect adventurers to the brands that help them get outside. 

Our previous tours.

Since this shift into educational and empowerment tours, The Lady Alliance has journeyed across western Canada on a winter ski and snowboard tour, inviting women to join us at specific resorts for a day skiing or riding together. We traveled from Calgary Alberta to Vancouver BC.

In March of 2019 we also co-hosted our first Women's Adventure Film Tour, bringing over 1,100 attendees to 6 movie theatres in Canada alone!

We have also traveled across Canada and the United States hosting our Women's Empowerment Tour in partnership with Arcteryx. Our Women's Empowerment Tour is an evening of local motivational speakers and Arcteryx Ambassadors who share their story of fear, overcoming obstacles, working together, and enjoying the outdoors. 

Our local communities reach over 50,000 members, and are growing each day. With community partnerships - such as our sister company Women Who Explore in Canada and our community partner Mountain Girls in the USA - our tours are bound to bring in a crowd!

In 2020, while hosting the same tour, we were met with the difficulties of COVID, allowing us the opportunity to take these in-person events to our digital landscape. 

Our tours have been an incredible success. We want to join forces with you to bring another tour or event to local communities around Canada and the United States.

Let's create your virtual event/series!

Case Study...

Our Women's Empowerment Tour in 2020 was interrupted due to COVID, so after three successful events we canceled the rest of the locations and went home. 

When it was clear that COVID was not allowing for large group events any time soon, Arc'teryx and The Lady Alliance decided to film a digital version of the same tour, and release it in each of our local chapter groups.

We customized 10 different videos. Each chapter that had their local event canceled received their own unique video with local speakers. Our other 20 local chapters received their own unique combination of North American wide speakers in their own local unique event. And our global group had four incredible speakers in a final customized event, allowing for each chapter to experience a unique event. 

One week after release, we had reached over 11,400 people/households to view the event, and had 530 unique, full two hour views of each video. 

The numbers have grown since then, and continue to grow as time goes on!

Your community loves our tours!

Speaker Testimonial:

Denise Sauriol was a speaker at our Women's Empowerment Tour in 2019. She delivered her speech, sold books on site, and felt the love of the community!

"I was a first time panelist and aside from being honored to be on the panel I was moved by not just the fellow panelists' stories but also some of the audience members stories.  I did not know anyone on the panel or in the audience and I walked away knowing that I was able to plant the "embrace your fear" seedlings  from my story.  I even had a an audience member come up to me after my talk and tell me that because of my story and my work with other runners she believes she can do a marathon too and she is going to try! My heart lit up like E. T. as Theresa has never even run a race in her life!"

Brand Testimonial:

Leo is one of the Event Coordinators with Arcteryx.  He worked with The Lady Alliance on the Women's Empowerment Tour in 2019 at our Washington DC edition. 

"It was an honor to have The Lady Alliance presenting at Arc’teryx Washington DC.

The event was full of great and authentic energy, powerful story telling and community building. It was an evening to remember.

Also, the event prep went super smooth, they took care of everything with style and professionalism, making our experience as hosts very satisfying.  Can’t wait to have another event with The Lady Alliance."

Attendee Testimonial:

We had over 1000 attendees join us at our Women's Empowerment Tour. 

Here's what Ashley from Vancouver had to say!

"This event has me more inspired than I thought possible! The ladies here are so rad! Some of them are incredible athletes! Their accomplishments are amazing!

And some are still women to admire, but they are just ladies in the community like me! Tonight showed me that I could do anything I put my mind to! 

This event makes me think differently about The Lady Alliance, Arcteryx and their support, and my abilities! I can't wait for more local events."

Our Past Multi-Location Tours

Women's Empowerment Tour 16 locations, 1004 attendees

Women's Adventure Film Tour 5 locations, 1000+ attendees

Find Your Winter Wildhood Over 30 attendees for full days at 4 resorts

Why The Lady Alliance?

The Lady Alliance can provide our expertise in tour and event management, campaign execution, digital editing and production and digital management during the event. By fine tuning our previous events we are accustom to what the local communities need at each event.

The Lady Alliance also has established partnerships and bonds with other online communities and adventure groups, bringing an even wider bringing even more new adventurers to the your brand. 

We want to continue to share the brands we admire most with our community. 

We believe a partnership with YOU will be mutually beneficial, bringing new customers in your virtual door while inspiring women through adventure and an educational workshop.

Previous partners include...

We look forward to inspiring your local communities, building connections between customers and your brand, and partnering with you on your next tour or event.