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From joining our local meet up groups, applying as a speaker, becoming a chapter coordinator or becoming a member - there are so many ways to be involved in this community!

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Whether your just interested in joining our events, or you'd like to speak at one of our tours - there are so many different ways to join our community!

Local Meet Up groups

Find us on Meet Up! Our local chapter coordinators are excited to meet you and bring you into your local Lady Alliance community!

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We are on the hunt for passionate women who want to spread the excitement and build their communities. Our chapter coordinators truly bring the magic!

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Whether it's stories of adventure, self love, facing fears, healing or empowerment - your story is an incredible inspiration to many and we cannot wait to have you share with your local community!

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Join our highly engaged membership community today! Encourage and grow, share love and inspiration, and explore this world together.

True inspiration came from when I discovered The Lady Alliance. A community of women, making badass things look so achievable and providing the most organic form of support for one another.” - Kelsey Derkach 

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Our online courses help you navigate life's adventure. These courses are created as a collaborative effort by a collection of influencers. Interested in joining us?

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