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Identifying Unconscious Bias

Do you find yourself, or your company tip-toeing around the topic of diversity and inclusion?

Do you need help navigating around "tokenism", ensuring that you are encouraging diversity and inclusion in a positive way?

Maybe you find the topic of diversity overwhelming, causing a paralysis, unable to move forward with positive action?

It's 2020, it's time to make the shift.

It's time to add value to your organization.

It's time to encourage diversity, and we are here to help.

The Lady Alliance Diversity and Inclusion team offers a range of consulting services for organizations in order to strengthen gender and racial equality and advance equality practices in leadership.

We help provide education in diversity based conflict resolution skills, and meaningful workshops to help unravel the unconscious bias we have all learned both in and out of the workplace.

As a team our experience spans over 25 years of diversity and inclusion, and brand strategy - bringing the best in the industry to you for a customizable program perfectly fitted for your company. 

Why The Lady Alliance?

As a global community, The Lady Alliance highlights and amplifies many voices. With womxn coming from many backgrounds and experiences, it is our goal to promote diversity and inclusion.

Through this, we have grown our social media community to over 50,000 members - all of which will celebrate your growth and efforts in the diversity and inclusion space. 

We are here to help your company encourage people of color, LGBTQIA, and other diverse identities that have historically been underrepresented to feel welcome within your walls. We are passionate about promoting equity for all, including being body positive and celebrating people of all skill levels and abilities.

When you work with The Lady Alliance, we celebrate you. We will celebrate your efforts in diversity and inclusion to our community - helping bring awareness to our efforts without you needing to self-proclaim your growth. 

Program Offerings

Unconscious bias occurs when quick judgments and assessments are made about others and opinions are formed without conscious realization.

Our programs are perfect for companies or groups looking to unlearn the biases they adopted throughout their formative years, helping create unity and cohesion in the workplace. 

Through the lens of lived experience


In this 1.5 hour session, we will delve into the term “Unconscious Bias”, and learn to identify where these biases have impeded our connection with others in the past. 

Through interactive storytelling, with the lens of lived experience, we will discuss how to dissect, manage, and remove biases that are hindering the work space.

During this event, please anticipate 15 minutes to gather lunches, prior to beginning the workshop.

(Virtual options available, travel and catering not included)

Introduction to Unconscious Bias


Our half day workshop continues past the term "unconscious bias" allowing us to fully understand our own biases, as well as how to eradicate them from our daily life. 

As the lunch and unlearn covers, we also discuss how to dissect, manage, and remove biases that are hindering the work space.

This interactive workshop dives further into small changes that each employee can enact to make a big positive impact to the company culture.

This workshops also dives further into privilege, allyship, equality vs. equity, conflict mediation, leadership, cross-cultural communication and social action.

Each participant within this workshop would receive our Unconscious Bias Workbook.

(Virtual options available, travel and catering not included)

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 101


Full day workshop adds on to our half day workshop, and continues forward with further dissecting individual biases and identities within the organization.

We encourage this workshop to be offsite and possibly outdoors to help give space to our interactive activities that foster the communication techniques that may be charged within the office.

We dive into even more in-depth interactive activities focusing on conflict mediation, leadership, cross-cultural communication and social action.

This full day workshop goes beyond identifying Unconscious Bias, and also covers the topics of power and privilege, and cross cultural communication - making it a day of team building exercises, helping your employees leave in solidarity, with a further understanding of their coworkers.

Together, we will unite your team.

(Virtual options available, travel and catering not included)


We use an equity focused approach to evaluation that helps us analyze how we can best embrace multiple perspectives within your company. Together, we will work towards dissecting your current structor and image to help further encourage and promote diversity and inclusion. We will help you explore new ideas and social efforts to ensure everyone feels welcome within your company, helping you diversify your work force and culture.

We understand that each company's needs are unique. We will meet with you to ensure your audit is a perfect for for your company. 


Our social audit will help companies, communities and influencers more learn about inclusive practices that they can implement on their social media channels. 

We will help you dissect your platforms, source examples of diversity and help you implement new social media calendars, pillars and practices moving forward to help showcase your dedication and care for diversity. 

This is more than just a black square. Together, we can make equality consistent in 2020 and beyond.


Take your audit beyond the social media.

We are here to consult, assess, and advise you on company wide practices that can help amplify your mission.

Our company wide audit includes a 

This audit includes:

  1. 1
    Social Media Audit.
  2. 2
    1.5 hour Lunch and unLearn.
  3. 3
    Recruitment strategies and employee lifecycle assessment to support expanding and retaining a diverse workforce.
  4. 4
    Assessing policies and procedures that can contribute to a non-diverse brand, and working hand in hand with top level leaders within your company to rephrase these policies to promote inclusion.
  5. 5
    An in person training management and leaders within your company in a full day workshop on unconscious bias, power and privilege, and cross cultural communication.
  6. 6
    Six month package where we meet bi- weekly to help implement diversity practices and strategies company wide. (Looking for more than 6 months? Let us know!)

We are here to stand side by side with you as you revamp your company, community or brand to be all inclusive.

Meet The Team

Amil Reddy - Certified Canadian Inclusion Professional (CCIP)


Ryan McKee - Marketing + Brand Strategy


Veronique Loewen - Translation and Communications Specialist


Azzah Ahmad - Consultant-in-training


Kieren Britton - Social Media Auditor


Amil Reddy
Certified Canadian Inclusion Professional (CCIP)

Since 2008, Amil has been working alongside communities and companies across North America to do better by being better.

They do this by creating organizational change through a diversity, equity and inclusion lens. They will help you sharpen your existing strengths and uncover hidden opportunities within your leadership and staff teams. All of the work Amil does is rooted by their intersectional experience as a trans person of colour and parent/teller of dad jokes. They love travel, a good Americano, and heading to the forest with their kiddo and pup Peanut.

Some of Amil's speaking engagement partners include Banff Centre Mountain Film & Book FestivalMountainFilmThe Equality Project Australia, and RBC.

Amil will work hand in hand with you, either in your half day workshop, your full day workshop, or during your 6-month company wide audit to help your company take the steps needed to uncover biases that may be present within your company, unlearn these biases, and grow together. 

Amil's previous diversity speaking engagement partners include...

Ryan McKee
Marketing and Brand Strategy

With over 16 years in the sports and outdoor industry, Ryan is a trusted source for delivering strategic brand leadership.

In 2011, he led the re-brand of the Vancouver Whitecaps ahead of its inaugural season in Major League Soccer. He was then recruited to a storied Australian Football League club, Essendon FC, where he helped redefine the club’s core values, reconnect with the community and drive membership growth. Previous to that, he worked with the Vancouver Canucks within their marketing department, and taught at the Vancouver Film School as a sports business instructor. 

Now as Brand Director at Mountain Equipment Co-op, Ryan oversees a creative team who deliver the distinct voice and style to almost six million MEC members. He has also completed his Executive MBA program at the Beedie School of Business at SFU and, when not working or studying, can be found playing with his two little girls.

Ryan joins our team during your company wide audit to ensure that our diversity and inclusion work is a positive long term brand shift. He works hand in hand with Amil, Kieren, and your team on long term implementation of a diverse and inclusive brand strategy. 

Veronique Loewen
Translation and Communications Specialist

Véronique owns Verolingo Communications, an English/French translation and professional communication services provider. She holds an MBA from Royal Roads University (Victoria, BC), a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Foreign Languages (major in translation English/French) from UPV Montpellier III (France) and is a certified Communications Management Professional from the Global Communication Certification Council. She is a 22-year member of the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Saskatchewan and a long-standing member of the International Association of Business Communicators. Véronique is also certified in Mental Health First Aid from Mental Health Commission of Canada’s Mental Health First Aid Canada.

A seasoned public relations and community investment management professional, with 25 years of experience as a mining sector communicator and over two decades as an English/French translation services provider, Véronique particularly enjoys sharing her excellent writing skills with businesses and non-profit organizations alike.

Azzah Ahmad
Diversity Consultant / Story Teller

Born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Azzah has dominated the outdoor diversity industry for the last 3 years.

Through her many speaking engagements with profile clients such as MEC, Arcteryx, and The Mountain Film Festival, Azzah focuses on topics such as diversifying the outdoors, female empowerment, inclusion, and self-love.

Azzah's energy in our Lunch and unLearn is the drive your company needs to break down the barriers caused by an unconscious bias. Azzah's aim is to bring change and growth to all industries to help encourage inclusion and diversity in a positive way for everyone.

Azzah's previous diversity speaking engagement partners include...

Kieren Britton
Founder, and Social Media Auditor

Kieren loves to dream of the ridiculous and make it a reality. Whether it's cycling across Canada or converting a school bus into a full time home, there is nothing Kieren enjoy's more than testing the limits and learning more about herself!

Growing up in the outdoors with a mixed family has crafted Kieren into who she is today. Watching her mother and father as a united front face separate battles, some due specifically to race, created an arena in which Kieren was able to see first hand the difference in which people are treated.

Equality was a household normality for the Britton's, and Kieren brings this topic passionately to the companies in which The Lady Alliance partners with.

Kieren will work hand in hand with your company to help asses how your social media marketing efforts can become more inclusive. She will walk with you through the journey of diversifying your social media marketing to ensure your efforts come through authentically, positively and effortlessly.

Kieren's previous speaking engagement partners include...

This year a portion of our consulting fees go to our nonprofit partner Power To Be, helping us break helping ensure that everyone has the opportunity to get out into nature!

What Others Say


“Facing Sunrise” offered me the unique experience of exploring Azzah’s inspiring story while simultaneously questioning my own (lack of) place in the world of outdoor activities. As I awkwardly navigated hiking and camping for the first time, Azzah jokingly commented, “we should be filming this!” At the end, I was able to see this world through Azzah’s eyes, and I forged a new understanding and appreciation for the restorative and inspiring power of being in nature.

Julia Kwan

Producer - Film "Facing Sunrise"


Amil has an uncanny ability to see through the noise and get to the root of a challenge or issue. They can easily evaluate a problem and put forth solutions using a measured approach while creating space for input from all. Amil is an inclusive facilitator, a courageous leader, and a thought partner across a diverse set of topics. Working with Amil will not only enable you accomplish whichever goals you've set out to achieve, but also to learn along the way. Investing in time to work with Amil is an investment in moving your organization forward, towards a path of inclusivity and values-based leadership.

Sarah Rushton

Senior Manager Community Impact for BCAA


Working with Amil has been a fantastic experience. The way Amil produces transformational experiences through simple exercises is truly a standout in my past decade of consulting. Amil brings a positive, infectious energy which both inclusively welcomes a wide array of folks, and also creates space to step into hard questions. With a learning mindset, they challenge individuals to consider their role in our modern societal systems - leaving with tangible early results, and action plans for next steps. I have seen Amil arrive organized, yet remain successful as circumstances change. I can't wait to work with Amil again.

Holden Bonwit
Venture Activator at RADIUS

By combating the negative impact unconscious bias has in the workplace, together we will increase employee morale, having a direct correlation on productivity and customer service.

These positive impacts will influence higher returns on the investment within your employees in the form of retention, as well as increase profitability for the company.

Lastly, by taking action, we promote workplaces that are inclusive and comfortable for our diverse workforce.