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Working with partners such as MEC, Arcteryx, Fjallraven, Mammut, Burton, Budget Rental Cars and more, we help amplify our partners missions and values while building an emotional, physical, and long-lasting connection between customers and brands.
Together, through a Business Subscription or customized film festival, we'll build connections between customers and your brand, collaborate on an event, and amplify your inspired message throughout our communities.
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The Lady Alliance Collaborates with Businesses, Brands, and Aligned Groups to Foster Community, Empowerment, Diversity, and Adventure.

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Women⁺ Reached, Together


The Lady Alliance was born through the mission to inspire confidence in every lady, proving to the world—and to ourselves—that we were capable beyond our wildest dreams.

New in 2021 is The Lady Alliance TV. As a free and subscription-based platform, The Lady Alliance TV's audience is growing very quickly. As a brand, you are getting in on the ground floor of something huge, and we cannot wait to share our community with you.

By uniting the wellness and adventure industries, our goal is to align adventurous ladies and our allies by amplifying voices, building community, fostering empowerment, and highlighting badassery.

Because everyone can be inspired by women.

Introducing: A New Way to Support Eachother

The Lady Alliance TV

Collaboration Begins Here

What is The Lady Alliance TV?

The Lady Alliance TV is where we go to share the stoke virtually with our rapidly growing community. Quickly becoming the leader in all things female adventure film, this online streaming platform is where your customers come to watch woman⁺-led films, interviews, film festivals, and workshops—connecting our audience to content from inspired businesses and brands globally.

Why Become a Business or Brand Sponsor?

Because this is a new platform, your business or organization has the opportunity to get in on the ground floor, accessing our global and regional communities, promoting your product or brand, and demonstrating your value-based leadership within our eager community.



  • One WOMAN⁺ UP episode
  • Logo featured in our next Seeking Stoke or year-end Film Festival
  • Product advertisement video linked to discount
  • Direct access to Facebook community of choice
  • Logo on newsletter
  • Empowering video in our “Watch Now For Free” category
  • Giveaway on our Instagram account


10% off additional Lady Alliance items listed below

*Taxes included. Subscription yearly, auto-renewed package. Click to review agreement.



  • Send your product to each of our Chapter Coordinators (regional Lady Alliance leaders and member/event organizers)
  • Showcase 5 additional empowering or educational videos on our platform
  • Get reviews by real people trying your product


Everything within the business supporter package!

*Taxes included. Subscription yearly, auto-renewed package. Click to review agreement.




Only 5 available!

  • Category with your brand name included ex: Adventure Saftey with Mammut
  • Showcase an additional 12 videos throughout the year within your category
  • Brand-Specific author page linked to your videos


Everything within the business supporter package!

*Taxes included. Subscription yearly, auto-renewed package. Click to review agreement.

Additional Opportunities


Working with partners such as MEC, Arcteryx, Fjallraven, Mannut, Burton, and more, we help amplify our parters’ missions and values while building and emotional, physical, and long-lasting connection between customers and brands.

Whether that be film festivals or smaller multi-series events, panel discussions, stand-alone films or other virtual or in-person vents, The Lady Alliance will customize your perfect festival—in celebration of you!

Together, with your brand and voice in mind, we will build an empowering event that helps elevate your company’s mission, vision, and values—showcasing that everyone can be inspired by women⁺.

Bolster Your Benefits


Logo on additional Seeking Stoke Film Festivals (summer or winter)

+ $500 USD

Add a video to our platform

+ $300 USD

Add an Instagram giveaway

+ $500 USD

Add a Facebook group or page giveaway

+ $250 USD

Add a social media post (Instagram, Facebook, groups, or Twitter)

+ $250 USD

Business Supporters, Product Sponsors, and Category Experts all receive 10% off the prices listed above. All items listed above are purchasable outside of a Business Subscription at full cost. Taxes are included.

*All prices are unique to 2021 only and are subject to change as The Lady Alliance TV grows. Yearly subscription fees remain fixed at the rate you signed up with.

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We'd love to tell you about our custom brand partnership opportunities.

Bring in The Lady Alliance

We Can Speak at Your Next Event

Bring in The Lady Alliance to speak at your next event. Founder, Kieren Britton and Consultant, Azzah Ahmad speak on a myriad of topics, like diversity and healthy social media use. We also lead workshops and courses, creating engaging opportunities for both your internal and outward facing efforts.

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Learn and Un-Learn

Diversity Consulting

If your company is finding itself tip-toeing around the topic of diversity, or unsure of how to move forward with its inclusivity initiatives, it might be time to seek outside help. That's where Amil Reddy, Certified Canadian Inclusion Professional (CCIP), can step in.

The Lady Alliance believes in partnering with companies that are aligned in our values of diversity, equity and inclusion. We believe in being a bridge for those who are looking for further guidance, and are honoured to partner with Amil Reddy in the DEI space.

Meet Amil

Amil Reddy


Since 2008, Amil has been working alongside communities and companies across North America to do better by being better.

They do this by creating organizational change through a diversity, equity and inclusion lens. They will help you sharpen your existing strengths and uncover hidden opportunities within your leadership and staff teams. All of the work Amil does is rooted by their intersectional experience as a trans person of colour and parent/teller of dad jokes. They love travel, a good Americano, and heading to the forest with their kiddo and pup Peanut.

Some of Amil’s speaking engagement partners include Banff Centre Mountain Film & Book FestivalMountainFilmThe Equality Project Australia, and RBC.

How They Work

Amil will work hand in hand with you, either in your half day workshop, your full day workshop, or during your 6-month company wide audit to help your company take the steps needed to uncover biases that may be present within your company, unlearn these biases, and grow together.

Why Diversity?

By combating the negative impact unconscious bias has in the workplace, together we will increase employee morale, having a direct correlation on productivity and customer service.

These positive impacts will influence higher returns on the investment within your employees in the form of retention, as well as increase profitability for the company.

Lastly, by taking action, we promote workplaces that are inclusive and comfortable for our diverse workforce.

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