Dive into a virtual book club reading with our community.

Offering authors an alternative to the traditional book tour, The Lady Alliance hosts a community of womxn seeking adventure and growth from the comforts of their own home. 

This is a community full of incredible women ready to get lost in a good book, together.

Program Offerings

Your book club collaboration will begin with a Facebook Live broadcasted in our global community group. We will take this time to chat one on one with YOU, the author, introducing you and your book to our audience. This interview will include your experience writing the book, your other work and more; this can inspire, educate and excite the readers!

The first Facebook Livestream is where we tease the book, getting our global community interested in reading the book along with the community! The personalized one on one session allows the community to build a personal connection to you and your book. This is what transitions a reader to a dedicated fan!

This first step will be very important to getting the book club started thus selling copies of your book!

As we go through one or two chapters a day, we want to keep reading sessions to approximately one hour each day, from Monday to Saturday. During the reading sessions we encourage you, as the author, to do one or two videos encouraging the readers to keep on track. This can include teasing the next chapters or reading your favourite part of the chapter of the day out loud for our community. The more videos you provide the more exposure you receive to our community!

This helps connect you as the author to the book club throughout the reading period while providing the community with topics to discuss in the comment section!

As each chapter is read, we will let everyone know approximately how much time it takes to read those chapters, and where they can buy the book if they have not yet purchased the book. This can lead to a post per chapter, giving your book ample exposure!

Once all the chapters are read, we bring you back to do another live Facebook interview with our community. This is where we wrap up the book club and talk about what we learned or experienced together. This live chat is a great opportunity to promote other books, your website and social media profile.

Case Study

In April of 2020 we worked with Johanna Garton on the release of our first virtual book club.

During this time, COVID created a financially difficult time for many members of the community. We hosted virtual readings of the chapters to help those who could not afford the book purchase at this time.

Each the book itself had over 30 posts with a reach of 3,500 viewers, and a consistent viewing of around 130 participants listening to the recording.

Why The Lady Alliance?

The Lady Alliance offers authors a virtual option to the traditional book tour, allowing for the reach of a large audience from the comforts of your own home.

As a global community, The Lady Alliance highlights and amplifies many voices. With womxn coming from many backgrounds and experiences we enjoy amplifying the voices of every womxn.

Female focused books, encouraging self love or documenting adventure are best received within our community. As our community's roots are within adventure and mental health, both topics are very well received by our community.

Let's showcase your book!

​Feedback from authors


It was such a pleasure to work with Kieren and the Lady Alliance community. The strength of this group is their passion and support of women in all walks of life, and Kieren leads this effort tirelessly and with contagious enthusiasm. Though it can be difficult to navigate online groups, I always felt engaged and listened to by Kieren and her members. Kieren in particular was responsive and creative in designing a program that worked for me and met my needs as an artist. I'd highly recommend working with the Lady Alliance if your goal is to foster meaningful relationships with strong groups of women interested in following their dreams!

Johanna Garton

Author - Edge of the Map