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Become A Chapter Coordinator

We are on the hunt for passionate ladies who want to spread the excitement and build their communities.

Our chapter coordinators truly embrace and live The Lady Alliance values and promote inclusivity, encourage, and motivate others around them.  They help bring together women in their local communities to enjoy indoor, outdoor and adventure activities as a sisterhood. 

Are you itching to start your own local community?

what's being an chapter coordinator all about?
  • Spread the love: First and foremost, being a chapter coordinator is all about inclusion, empowering others, and helping create an excitement for life. The perfect candidate is extroverted, able to manage a crowd, and has a bit of event planning experience behind them.
  • Host free meet ups: As a chapter coordinator you will be responsible for planning and implementing a free monthly meet up encouraging and empowering your local community. These events can be anything from paint nights to ax throwing, happy hour to local festivals, hikes to beach days. This involves creating a meet up event within The Lady Alliance local meet up group, inviting members, running the event and encouraging and empowering women. These meet ups are voluntary, and you will not be compensated for these events as the participants are not charged to attend. 
  • Host compensated tours: You will also be responsible to help coordinate 2-4 of our local tours in your area. We will be bringing our empowerment and adventure tours to your city, and will need your assistance on the ground running the event.  This includes, but is not limited to: sharing posters, online marketing, coordinating with speakers, visiting venues, emceeing and promoting local sales. You will be compensated for these tours - compensation details within the application.
  • Locally connected: You’re open to, or already connected to other ladies in your area. If you are not connected already, you must have ideas on how to reach women in your area.
  • Bubbly, fun and full of energy: Hosting these events does not only take organization, but it also takes effort and a personable nature. You are bubbly, fun, full of energy, and inviting. Everyone walking in the door get's a hello and smile from you first. Everyone feels welcome. You seek out those who are sitting alone, or feeling uncomfortable and you make a connection with them. You are able to get up on stage and emcee with excitement, and put on events that go into the evenings, with consistent energy and happiness. You have the goal of ensuring every single person leaves feeling inspired and empowered. 
what's in it for you?
  • The opportunity to create a community of like-minded women in you local area
  • Receive set compensation for each tour you help coordinate
  • Receive commission based compensation for each product or ticket you sell
  • Bio introduction on your local Meet Up group helping extend your reach
  • Mentoring from The Lady Alliance head team
  • Free Summit Membership
  • Discounts to our sister company - Women Who Explore Getaways 2019-2020
  • Ongoing support from our Event Coordination Team
  • Ongoing support from other Chapter Coordinators
  • Opportunities to write for the blog, collaborate on projects, and more

Become a chapter coordinator and help inspire ladies in your local area!

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