What Is A Social Enterprise? - The Lady Alliance

Who We Are, What We Do, and Why It Matters...

We build confidence and community through adventure.

Which is surprisingly not always an easy thing to do! 

Our goal is to help each individual who joins us gain confidence in themselves, and in their ability, AND help everyone meet incredible, like-minded kindred spirits to help grow their communities. Whether your adventure is to summit the next peak, or to fall in love with yourself again, we want to be there, every step of the way. 

To do this, it takes $$$. Sometimes a lot of it. 

In order to create a retreat, an event, a conference or a tour, we need to put deposits down, have insurance, train and support staff, buy food, pre-pay activities... the list goes on!

But, thanks to incredible supporters like YOU we are able to do so. Here's how... 

So, what is a Social Enterprise anyway?

A Social Enterprise is a cause-driven business - all with our own unique characteristics - that attempt to engage commercial strategies to achieve social impact. A social enterprise can be structured as a for-profit or a nonprofit, and depending on the country, as a cooperative, mutual organization, or benefit corporation. It can even involve a combination of these various structures.

However what is consistent among all these organizational types is a stated commitment to their individiual core social mission.

Social Enterprises are committed to making the world a better place. By supporting a Social Enterprise, you are not only supporting their cause, but you are also supporting the individuals or groups they help as well. 

But most of all, you are showing the world that we SHOULD care. And that making money does not need to be at the expense of someone else. It can be for the GREATER GOOD. 

So Many Events! 

Have you attended a conference, empowerment tour, adventure, retreat, or event with us? Maybe you have purchased our online course, attended a virtual event, are a purchased membership, or have hired one of our founders as a speaker?

You have made a difference. 

You have helped women gain confidence, and helped women find their community. 

Each of our events help us continue to offer free local meet ups and low costs events, bring on and train ambassadors to help them improve their local communities, treat you to giveaways, and more. 

So thank you! Thank you for joining us! Thank you for supporting us! And thank you for showing the world that where we put our support matters. 

Huge thank you to our key sponsor MEC for helping us be able to provide low cost adventures to get women outside!