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What are you exactly? A community? A travel company...?

The short answer… both… kinda? The Lady Alliance is a community of women dedicated to encouraging and empowering other women to be the best versions of themselves. Easy peasy. You can join the community through our Facebook Groups, Instagram, or by purchasing a membership. We want to encourage involvement and you can do this in many ways: local or global events, applying to be an Ambassador, submitting photos for our Instagram page, or writing posts for our stories, and more!

As for the travel part… yes, we offer events all around North America and beyond. It’s part of our mission, so we offer them at a low cost. Not every event is able to meet every budget, but we’re hoping that there’s something for everyone! 

How are The Lady Alliance events different from others?

The number one goal is to introduce you to other inspiring, kick-ass, adventurous women. It’s all about building our empowerment tribes! Our second goal is to introduce you to the outdoors. It’s quite the thing to witness, putting a group of women who are passionate about the outdoors in an epic location. We know it’s a cliche thing to say… but it’s where the magic happens.

How much does it cost?

It varies from event to event, so you’ll need to look at each event for more information. However, we try hard to keep them affordable. This is something we have thought long and hard about! It’s our mission to get as many women experiencing the outdoors as we can! Getaways are inclusive of your lodging, some food and some of the experiences (all getaways list specifically what’s included). You’d be hard-pressed to find another company that offers prices as competitive as we do.

How can we join The Lady Alliance?

We have two membership options. One is our Insider Membership. This membership includes a monthly brand discount with a partner brand, a free giveaway contest to our members once a month, Travel Recommendations from our Ambassadors, wallpapers and playlists! For only $25 a year!

Our second membership level is our Summit membership. With a Summit Membership you get all that, and more! It is the ultimate membership package!

What is included in a membership?

Get all the member goodies...

Monthly Brand Discount

Free Stuff

Adventure Discount of the Month



Discounts to our
Favourite Brands

Discounts for Women Who Explore trips

Free Hoodie

List Your Business

Earn a Free Long Weekend Retreat

What does our membership fee go towards?

The Lady Alliance wants to offer you the best adventures possible. In order to do so we need to put deposits down on some of our adventures. Joining through the membership will help The Lady Alliance put deposits down on expenses such as accommodation for your adventures!

What does "earn a free long weekend retreat" mean?

Members can earn a FREE long weekend retreat with The Lady Alliance! The more you register for events you will add points to your membership. Once you have joined enough adventures, and you have earned 10 points, you will have earned a FREE long weekend retreat! You earn points through purchasing swag, joining Women Who Explore and The Lady Alliance events, and referring other members!

Trips over $1000 = 4 points

Trips under $1000 = 3 points

Trips under $500 = 2 points

Trips under $100 = 1 point

Swag (T-shirts and Hoodies only) - 1 point (maximum 5 points with swag)

Member Referral = 1 point

Are contributors paid?

Contributions to the stories and social images are all voluntary. All images corresponding with stories are property of the listed author, with permission to share with credit on Summit Within through Women Who Explore's Stellar Stories.

How often does The Lady Alliance have adventures?

The Lady Alliance retreats, courses, wellness workshops and camps are not guaranteed to be annual. Each event is custom created by our team. There is no set schedule or rotation. If you are interested in an event - don't hesitate! It might not be repeated next year! 

Who are The Lady Alliance's partners?

The Lady Alliance's sister company is Women Who Explore. If you are looking for adventure, head to their website at www.womenwhoexplore.com. Our parent company is Summit Within.

The Lady Alliance also partners with Mountain Equipment Coop (MEC) and other companies to provide you the best (and safest) courses, retreats and empowerment events!

How do we partner with The Lady Alliance?

Do you have a product that can help us build our group events? Do you have an event that encourages or educates through outdoor adventure? Do you share our values and are you looking for increased exposure? We would love to partner with you. We would ensure your brand or organization is associated with our programs, as well as offer promotional marketing material in return.

To find out more about opportunities with The Lady Alliance or to receive our media kit, please contact: [email protected]

Is there a refund policy on events?

Due to the nature of the Women Who Explore getaways, we don’t offer refunds. We do, however, offer transfers. You are responsible for finding someone to transfer your ticket to and arranging the exchange of funds for your ticket. If you can no longer make the event, please get in touch to discuss transferring your ticket.

Does The Lady Alliance have an ambassador program?

You might be exactly who we're looking for as a Women Who Explore Ambassador. We are on the hunt for passionate women who want to spread the excitement globally and in their communities. Our Ambassadors truly embrace and live the #Explore lifestyle.

what's being an ambassador all about?
  • Creating and running a local Facebook Group in your community. This involves knowledge of Facebook and an open mind on how to reach new women in your community.
  • Planning and executing a minimum of one meetup per month in your local community. This involves creating a facebook event, inviting members, running the event and more. Meetups can be anything from hiking to paddling to pub nights to axe throwing to painting to beach days.
  • Open to be trained to run Women Who Explore Getaways. We run around 40-50 getaways a year, ranging from 2 nights to 7 nights. Our ambassadors are paid hosts for these getaways. You will be open to attending a training session to learn how to host these weekends.
  • Locally Connected: You’re open to, or already connected to other women in your area. If you are not connected already, you must have ideas on how to reach women in your area. Running your local Women Who Explore Instagram page (optional).

what's in it for you?
  • The opportunity to create a community of like-minded women in you local area
  • Paid opportunities to run Women Who Explore getaways
  • Leadership training from the Women Who Explore founders at training sessions and ambassador only weekends
  • Discounts to all Women Who Explore Getaways
  • Ongoing support from our Ambassador Manager
  • Ongoing support from other ambassadors and founders Jenny and Lindsay through Slack
  • Opportunities to write for the blog, collaborate on projects, and more

PLUS, get all the member goodies...

Monthly Brand Discount

Free stuff

Adventure discount of the month



Discounts to our
favourite brands

Discounts for Women Who Explore trips

Private Ambassador Slack group to network

List Your Business

Earn a free long weekend Retreat


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